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The Art of Money Getting; Or, Golden Rules for Making Money
by P.T. Barnum
This book written in 1800 gives a set of rules guaranteed to ensure success. It's simply amazing that these rules are as applicable today as they were in then. Barnum's colourful narrative adds special flavour to this must-read book.

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Mental Efficiency:
Hints to Men & Women
by Arnold Bennett
Published in 1911
 Bennett answers the important question of how we may reach our optimum mental efficiency level in a simple and effective way.

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by Marcus Aurelius
Meditations is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD, recording his private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy.

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A Guide to Health
by Mahatma Gandhi
Published in 1921 this insightful and at times hilarious book gives you insight in to Gandhi's rules for health that have stood the test of time (and others that haven't).

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The Time Machine
by H. G. Wells
Published in 1895.
A Victorian English scientist and gentleman inventor living in Richmond, Surrey tells his weekly dinner guests that time is simply a fourth dimension and demonstrates a tabletop model machine for travelling through the fourth dimension. He reveals that he has built a machine capable of carrying a person through time, and returns at dinner the following week to recount a remarkable tale.

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Way To Wealth: 
Poor Richard Improved
By Benjamin Franklin
Published in 1758. The Way to Wealth is an essay written by Benjamin Franklin in 1758. It is a collection of adages and advice presented in Poor Richard's Almanac during its first 25 years of publication, organized into a speech given by "Father Abraham" to a group of people.

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As a Man Thinketh
by James Allen
Published in 1903.
 It was described by Allen as "... [dealing] with the power of thought, and particularly with the use and application of thought to happy and beautiful issues. I have tried to make the book simple, so that all can easily grasp and follow its teaching, and put into practice the methods which it advises. It shows how, in his own thought-world, each man holds the key to every condition, good or bad, that enters into his life, and that, by working patiently and intelligently upon his thoughts, he may remake his life, and transform his circumstances

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by King Solomon
Published in 970 to 831 BC.
This book is almost 3,000 years old and is filled with wisdom and ways to live a good life. It raises questions of values, moral behaviour, the meaning of human life, and right conduct.

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The Vikings
By Allen Mawer
Published in 1913. This is a concise but comprehensive history of the age of the Vikings. Over the centuries, the West has become fascinated by the Vikings, one of the most mysterious and interesting European civilizations. You will discover the true history of the Vikings.

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The Five Rings
by Musashi Miyamoto
Published in 1645.
 Written by the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, The Five Rings is more than just a manual on sword-fighting techniques: its Zen philosophy offers tactics and strategies as relevant to personal success today as they were to 17th-century samurai. The Five Rings speaks to every age about the essential roles of harmony and self-mastery in our lives.

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How to Live on 24 Hours a Day
by Arnold Bennett
Published in 1910.
In the book, Bennett addressed the large and growing number of white-collar workers that had accumulated since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. In his view, these workers put in eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, at jobs they did not enjoy, and at worst hated. They worked to make a living, but their daily existence consisted of waking up, getting ready for work, working as little as possible during the work day, going home, unwinding, going to sleep, and repeating the process the next day. In short, he didn't believe they were really living.

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Published 1892
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. 

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